11/30/2010Osram’s OSLON SSL and Golden Dragon Plus Families Get LM-80 Reports


Two absolutely different LED-families produced by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors - the ceramic OSLON SSL LED and the Golden Dragon Plus premold LED – were approved by Illuminating Engineering Society (IESNA) and got LM-80 reports. This is a significant achievement for the company as it means the correspondence of the components to the world-class requirements. LM-80 test was developed to give a base to evaluate and compare LEDs using the same standards and characteristics. It gives the manufacturers and designers reliable data about the lighting components and means to choose the most suitable components according to this test information. 

11/10/2010Cree Introduces its New Breakthrough Achievement in LED-production

Cree News

Cree XLamp® XM-L LED is the industry’s brightest and highest-performance LED designed for high-lumen applications (relating to the flashlights - Search and Rescue). The new cool white XM-L LED can deliver light output up to 1000 lumens with 100 lumens per watt efficiency at 3A.

The introduction of a LED with such high output extends the possibilities of flashlight industry and enables us to provide you with more and more sufficient, powerful and reliable products, capable to meet all your requirements!

11/02/2010Cree Improves the Performance for XP-E and XP-C Color LEDs

Cree XP-C

Cree, the world leader in LED production released new XP-E and XP-C Color LEDs with improved performance. Thus, new XP-E LEDs are now available with outputs at 350 mA of 500mW for Royal Blue, 39.8 lumens for Blue, 107 lumens for Green, 73.9 lumens for Red-Orange and 62.0 lumens for Red. As for XP-C Color LEDs, they are available with minimum light output of 350 mW for Royal Blue, 23.5 lumens for Blue, 62 lumens for Red-Orange and 51.7 lumens for Red, all at 350 mA.

With these advanced LEDs Cree enables the producers and designers of lighting products to improve the existing lighting solutions as well to develop new products with more efficient and high-powerful performance.

11/01/2010Cree Advances with High Color Rendering for XP-G and XP-E LEDs

Cree CRI

Cree makes an another breakthrough in lighting with the addition of 80, 85 and 90 color rendering index options to its XLamp® XP-G and XP-E warm-white LEDs. And what is more important, new technologies developed by Cree enable us to get more color rendering options without decrease in the efficiency of the LEDs. New LEDs are supposed to cover the spheres of applications where specific performance characteristics are required, such as retail, medical and architectural applications. 

The new high-CRI XP-G LED produces up to 107 lumens at 350 mA in warm white (3000 K) and provides the efficiency of 102 lumens per watt. High-CRI XLamp XP-G and XP-E LEDs are similar to already existing XP-G and XP-E LEDs, so they can easily replace them in existing systems.

07/27/2010New levels of efficiency with Luxeon Rebel ES by Philips Lumileds

Luxeon Rebels

With new increased light outputs for Luxeon Rebel ES LEDs Philips Lumileds sets new standards of efficient and low-costing lighting solutions. New optimized LEDs produce more than 300 lumens and efficiency of 100 lumens per watt. With these LEDs lighting producers and designers can considerably lower the cost of their products making them at once more efficient and bright.

07/21/2010Osram Reaches the Highest Efficacy in Red Thin-Film LEDs


Using the new optimized chip platform Osram managed to increase the efficiency of Golden Dragon Plus LED by 30%. This achievement means a great leap in red-light illumination making this type of lighting considerably more powerful and brighter than it was earlier.

This 30% raise in efficiency was achieved for a red 1 mm² thin-film chip with the wavelength of 615 nm (InGaAlP) included in a Golden Dragon Plus package. At 350 mA this chip produces 119 lumens per watt which is the highest efficiency among the same wavelength LEDs.

06/02/2010Philips Lumileds Announced the Release of Two New LUXEON Rebel LEDs

Philips Lumileds

To meet raising expectations of lighting production companies and designers Philips Lumileds has developed two new Luxeon Rebel LEDs with color temperatures of 2700K and 3000K that use the latest thin film flip chip and proprietary Lumiramic phosphor technologies. New LUXEON Rebel Emitter offer the producers and designers of lighting facilities the efficiency of 80 lumens per watt and up to 95 lumens per watt at 350 mA and 3000K. 

03/23/2010New color LEDs by Cree: XLamp XP Family Expands

Cree XP LEDs

As the leader at lighting solutions market Cree offers its customers a range of ne XP-C LEDs with a variety of color binning. From today XP-C is available in royal blue, blue, green, amber, red-orange and red colors.

Designed for half-watt operation these new XLamp XP-C color LEDs become a low-cost solution for a number of applications where LEDs with various colors are required.

03/17/2010Cree XP-G is Now Available in Neutral and Warm Color Bins

Cree XP-G

The company introduced Warm and Neutral binning for its most powerful and efficient XP-G LED. 

The warm white XP-G LED produces up to 114 lumens and 109 lumens per watt at 350 mA.  At 1.0 A it emits up to 285 lumens at 84 lumens per watt, which is four times higher than was available earlier with XR-E warm white LED. And for the neutral-white XP-G LED these figures reach up to 139 lumens and 132 lumens per watt at 350 mA and up to 463 lumens at 1.5 A, which is four times the light output of the XLamp XR-E cool-white LED.

03/15/2010New Smaller LED by Philips Lumileds was introduced


To meet raising expectations of lighting production companies and designers Philips Lumileds has developed a small and powerful Luxeon C LED. This LED provides us with an efficient cost-effective solution to cover hundreds of applications in various spheres.

With Luxeon C the producers of lighting products can lower the operation costs and energy consumption to provide their customers with highly efficient and cheap solutions for a number of applications. 

02/10/2010Higher Performance for Cree XLamp XP Family

Cree XP Family

Constantly improving its products and increasing the efficiency of LEDs Cree makes a great move by announcing higher-flux bins for warm- and cool-white XLamp® XP-E LEDs and higher maximum forward currents for both XLamp XP-E and XP-G LEDs.

New cool white XP-E R3 LEDs produce 122-130 lumens at 350 mA and up to 116 lumens per watt. With warm color temperature XP-E Q3 bin we can get  now 94-100 Lumens at 350 mA. 

12/09/2009New White XP-E LEDs by Cree are Now Available

Cree XP-E

A real achievement in LED industry – bright and efficient Cree’s Xlamp® XP-E LED - is now commercially available. For the producers of LED-lighting products it opens new extremely wide horizons and provides us with means of creating high-end and powerful flashlights for outdoor applications. At 350 mA XP-E produces light output in 122 lumens at 4500K.

This innovative LED can expand the whole industry of outdoor lighting as it enables the producers to use less LEDs for high output as well as decrease the costs of production. With this LED we can make our flashlight more powerful, multi-functional and efficient for a number of application spheres.

10/27/2009Cree Introduces LEDs with 100+ Lumens per watt Performance

Cree LEDs

To meet raising expectations of lighting production companies and designers Cree improves its XLamp® XP family with XP-C LEDs offering more than 100 lumens per watt at 350 mA. With this Cree entirely changes the portfolio of lighting-class LEDs and provides its customers with high-power components to suit their needs.

With new LEDs available in cool and warm color temperatures and emitting up to 107 lumens at 350mA Cree again confirms its leading positions at lighting solutions market and provides the flashlights' producers with means to cover high-performance requiring spheres of applications and supply their customers with low-price but bright and efficient products. 

07/22/2009Philips Lumileds Expands its Luxeon Rebel Family

Nine new color temperatures of Luxeon Rebel LEDs are now available to meet all customers' requirements and extend the spheres of lighting applications. In the result of productive LED development and cooperation with leading illumination designers Phlip Lumileds introduced 9 new LED with various color rendering and most efficient performance. These LEDs offer us a wide range of warm and cool color temperatures to apply in great variety of uses and make it possible to create high-efficient lighting products' series. With new Luxeon Rebel LEDs the customers will be able to choose the preferable light bins that will fully correspond their needs and desires.

04/30/2009New LED by Cree: the Highest Efficiency and Brightness in the World

At LIGHTFAIR International in New York which will take place on May 5-7, 2009 the company is going to introduce its newest product - XLamp® XP-G LED. This new cool white LED will definitely impress the customers with its outstanding characteristics: XP-G emits 139 lumens and 132 lumens per watt at 350 mA. And at 1A this high-efficient LED provides us with 345 lumens – really expiring numbers in comparison with the brightest XR-E LED. 

04/28/2009Philips Lumileds Introduced LEDs with 100 Lumens per watt Performance

To serve the everyday growing expectations for lighting solutions Philips Lumileds has developed and released new powerful LED – Luxeon Rebel ES. In their production the company's engineers concentrate on what is really important in LED industry – the maximal output of the LED. Luxeon Rebel ES offers us minimum 100 lumens per watt output what makes it the most efficient LED in the world in this moment.

04/21/2009Cree Expands the XLamp XP Family with Neutral and Warm LEDs

Cree XP

The company introduced Warm and Neutral binning for its smallest LEDs – XP-E and XP-C. Besides the two cool bins for XLamp XP family are now standardized and correspond defined by ANSI color space: 5700K-6500K. As always, the company aimed to serve its customers needs by offering 75 percent smaller bins for its LEDs which allow us better coloring, consistence and control.

08/06/2008A Breakthrough in LED Industry – The Smallest LEDs from Cree

Cree Inc.

As the largest producer of LEDs Cree goes further in the development and engineering of new products and technologies and introduces us at one stroke two new LEDs. XLamp® XP-E and XP-C LEDs have the smallest in the world footprints and still remain as reliable and efficient in performance as bigger LEDs. With its compact sizes XP-E and XP-C LEDs are ready to extend the possibilities for new-wave flashlight production. Due to its wide viewing angle and low profile these new high-performance LEDs can be sufficiently used in backlighting, signage, indoor and outdoor portable lighting. 

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