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Armytek Predator Pro Hunting Kit

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All your hunting gear is now in one case

Predator Pro Hunting Kit is a ready-made solution for maximum effective use on a hunt. The set includes popular Predator Pro tactical flashlight and the best accessories to it.

Flashlight, quick-release magnetic weapon mount, color filters and remote switch with coil cord are supplied in a durable convenient-to-carry plastic case. The set also includes two high-capacity 3500 mAh rechargeable batteries, charger with Powerbank function, nylon holster, steel clip and lanyard.

Predator Pro — long-throw tactical flashlight

Model with direct narrow beam of impressive throw for tactical tasks and hunting. Clear central spot with minimal side spill allows to illuminate objects at a distance up to 501 meters. Ideal for use at a distance of 100-300 meters.

  • Distinct narrow hotspot and sharp transition to side spill for directed aim illumination.
  • Special precisely calculated reflector for High Intensity LED modification, which provides 1.5 times the light range compared to a usual LED, tempered glass with anti-reflective coating for maximum throw distance.
  • Withstands any weapon recoil due to improved springs and installation of the driver inside a reinforced capsule filled with protective compound.
  • Standard 1 inch body is compatible with any accessories, including original remote switches and magnetic weapon mount for quick one-motion attachment and removal.
  • Non-flat button allows to easily switch the flashlight with a palm.
  • Innovative technology allows to use any 18650 Li-Ion batteries.
  • Solid body made from aircraft-grade aluminium, special matt anti-abrasive finish without rough knurling.
  • Active real-time temperature control to prevent overheating above +60 °C and warning indication of low battery level.
  • Total protection from water, dirt and dust in accordance with IP68 standard — flashlight continues to work even at 25 meters depth up to 5 hours. Withstands fallings from the 10th floor.

Handy C1 VE — portable charging device and Powerbank

Compact charging device with Powerband function. Supports IMR/Li-Ion 18650 and 18700 batteries. Convenient design and small size allow to carry Handy C1 VE in a bag or a pocket and use it as a power source. Compatible with iPhone and iPad.

  • Ultra quick charge with 2.1A current.
  • Supports IMR/Li-Ion with precise charge algorithm to extend battery lifespan.
  • Built-in effective powerbank for devices with charge current up to 2.5A.
  • Special ‘wings’ design for reliable carrying of batteries without additional silicone strips.
  • Auto-detection of reverse polarity.
  • Automatically stops the charging when complete depending on the battery.
  • Color LED indication of charge level.
  • Possibility to use car/wall adapters with USB output.

Well-thought-out set of accessories

Remote switch ARS-01 (coil cord)

Compatible with all Armytek flashlights with tactical button. Provides remote momentary on (until the button is released). Conveniently attached to any gun, withstands weapon recoil. Coil cord stretches to 125 cm

Magnetic weapon mount AWM-03

Compatible with 8-30 mm diameter weapons. Provides reliable fixation of a flashlight with easy one-motion attachment and removal. Lightweight and made from robust materials. Holds up to 8 kg due to extra strong dual magnets

Color filters

Green filter is for hunting in woodland areas. Green light is unnoticeable from the side, not perceived by animals as a threat. Red filter is for hunting and reading maps. Red light is comfortable for night vision, effective in limited visibility conditions, almost invisible for animals


Injury-safe ergonomic silicone grip for convenient tactical hold


Heavy-duty nylon holster with several fixing options: on a belt of any width, on a Molle mount, on equipment thanks to durable steel ring


Steel clip with wear-resistant black titanium coating for mounting on clothes, equipment or belt


Size-adjustable wrist lanyard made of heavy-duty paracord and steel carabiner for quick removal and installation on the flashlight

  • Supports IMR and Li-Ion, for example: 18650, 18700.
  • Quick charge with 2.1A current.
  • Built-in effective powerbank supports devices with charge current up to 2.5A.
  • 5 years no-hassle warranty.
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Green filters are used mostly in hunting and tactics. Green light doesn't frighten animals and its beam can't be seen from aside so it makes impossible to disclose your location.

Compatible with:

AF-24 (Prime/Partner) AF-34 (Dobermann) AF-39 (Predator/Viking)
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Red filter has a larger number of applications. Some animals can’t see red light so it’s good for nigth hunting and is good for map reading because it doesn’t disturb night vision. Flashlights with red filters are also widely used for signage.

Compatible with:

AF-24 (Prime/Partner) AF-34 (Dobermann) AF-39 (Predator/Viking)
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Remote controls are needed for various applications when it’s problematic to switch a flashlight on and off directly. Tactical remote switch must possess the same durability characteristics as a quality flashlight. Armytek remote controls are made from strong and reliable materials and provide comfortable use on gun barrel or bike handle bar. Depending on a desirable length you can choose a remote switch with flat or coil cord to adjust it to your equipment for easy and fast access to the tactical flashlight.

Type of switch:

Coil Cord 25-70cm Straight Cord 25cm
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18650 Li-Ion 3500 mAh batteries provide maximal capacity and runtime for high amperage devices. Compatible with most Armytek flashlights.

  • High-quality battery cell with 3.7V output voltage.
  • Without PCB (protection circuit board), for flashlights with built-in battery protection.
  • Flat top battery.
  • Possibility to work even under heavy load. High discharge current rate up to 13A.
  • Safety vent with thermal cut-off protection.
  • No less than 500 charge/discharge cycles.
  • Works for up to 5 years.


3200 mAh 3500 mAh
In stock

USB plug adapter

  • Standard Type C is mainly used in Europe, South America & Asia.
  • Designed and constructed with high quality materials for maximum reliability and durability.
  • Simply connect with a USB cable (not included) and plug it to a power source.
  • It provides fast charging speed for your device.
  • Input: 110-240V-50/60Hz 0.15A.
  • Output: 5 V 1A.

Plug type:

Plug Type A Plug Type C
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