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Armytek Wizard Magnet USB WR White

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Wizard WR is a headlamp with four LEDs for impressive white and red light. More features with same reliability: suitable for everyday use, fishing and hunting. Charged with magnetic USB charger, no need to remove the battery. Headband, steel clip and plastic holder in the set provide maximum convenience and expand the areas of application.

  • 4 LEDs: amazing beam of red light up to 250 OTF lumens and white light up to 1000 OTF lumens thanks to 2 LEDs for each color.
  • 5 brightness modes for each color, easy operation with one button and double click for switching between white and red light.
  • Convenient wide beam of the TIR-optics, protected from scratches by tempered glass with an anti-reflective coating.
  • Innovative technology allows to use any 18650 batteries and provides full protection against short circuit even in case of contact between magnet connector and metal objects.
  • Active real-time temperature control to prevent overheating and warning indication of low battery level.
  • Total protection from water, dirt and dust — flashlight continues to work even at 10-meter depth.
  • Beam distance up to 97 m for white light and 41 m for red light, up to 15 days of light with one power source.

18650 Li-Ion battery and magnetic USB charger are in the set.

*The engraving on the flashlight may differ from the engraving on the image depending on the flashlight version.

Light & Optics
Color temperature:
Optics :
Light output, lumens:
1000 lm
Light output (red light), lumens:
Beam distance, meters:
97 m
Beam distance (red light), meters:
Brightness stabilization type :
FULL (constant brightness)
Number of modes:
Runtime in maximum mode:
1h / 2h
Runtime in minimum mode:
15 days
Strobe Mode:
Dimensions & Weight
Head diameter:
29 mm
Body diameter:
24.5 mm
Weight (without battery):
65 g
Material :
Aircraft-grade aluminum
Anti-abrasive finish :
Premium type III hard anodizing 400HV
Waterproof and dustproof standard :
IP68 (highest)
Safe submersion depth:
10 m
Safe fallings height:
10 m
Operating temperatures:
-25..+40 °C
Ability to use batteries with PCB:
Ability to use batteries without PCB:
Protection from accidental switch-on:
Color battery state indication:
Indication of low battery level:


The mount is designed for reliable flashlight fixation on a bicycle handlebar. It holds the flashlight as tight as possible, which allows it to stay in place even during shaking.

  • Reliable fixation of Wizard/Tiara/Elf flashlights.
  • Fits flashlights with body diameter 24.5 mm.
  • 5 years warranty

Type of mount:

In stock
  • Supports IMR and Li-Ion, for example: 18650, 18700.
  • Quick charge with 2.1A current.
  • Built-in effective powerbank supports devices with charge current up to 2.5A.
  • 5 years no-hassle warranty.
In stock

18650 Li-Ion unprotected batterie are high-quality batteries with an output voltage of 3.7V and a high capacity will ensure continued and efficient operation of your LED flashlight.


3200 mAh 3500 mAh
Out of stock
I was pleasantly surprised when I first switched it on to find the tint of the "white" LED to be quite neutral. After comparing it to my other fl's, I'm pretty certain that this is 5000k. Red LED will serve it's purpose someday. So far I've been carrying it every other day, alternating this and the SF G2X MV. Charging via the magnetic cable is a pain as other have mentioned -- terribly slow (only charging at 0.720 amps). I'm used to switching out batteries and using an external charger so I'm just gonna stick to that. It also came with an unprotected 18650 cell which I have plenty lying around. Overall as a flashaholic, I'm very happy with my first Armytek.
Thank you for the wonderful review! We are happy that you love this flashlight. Hope to see you as our loyal customer!
Nice headlamp, neutral, I guess ~ 5000K tint. I think there could be 3x white and 1x red LEDs, if this is possible, and 3 modes for red and 5 for white (4 looped + hidden firefly). 250 lm red it pretty much unusable for me, it looks so cool though! :)
In any case, great red light headlamp addition to all Wizard headlamps :)
Hello Tom. Thank you so much for your feedback, it helps us to make flashlights more qualitative! And we are happy to hear that you like this light headlamp.
Very adaptable for rear bike light.
As a bike light, it is OUTSTANDING.
Nothing more important for biking than a great rear light!
Get safe by getting this light.
Hello Steve. Many thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it! Using this flashlight as a bike light it's only one of the functions that it has. Hope you're also enjoying all of them!
The charger is SLOW but very easy to use. The clip is very tight on the body tube, it could have a slight design tweak that would make it easier to leave it installed when in head mount assembly. The headband is missing the very nice silicone strips in other headlamps this allows the straps to be looser on the head and still stay put, hope to see these added in the future. The switch is nice, firm and responsive, not easily accidentally switched on so far. Light has no blue tint and almost neutral to my eye. The beam is smooth, very much a task lamp not a thrower. The red light is also one of the brightest I have seen and has a great amount of coverage for any tasks hiking walking camping ext, the UI is Simple and easy to navigate my only issue is it will not cycle through firefly other then the first time around and if the light is turned off in white light mode if you want to await h to red light it will flash the white light while double clicking. The only issue I am having is the light flickers when gently tapping it in your hand or on a table giving the assumption something is loose internally. Hopefully Armytek fixes this up for me ASAP!
Hello Josh. Many thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it! And do remember, your comments will help us to make goods more qualitative! It seems that you're enjoying this flashlight, so we are happy to know this. In regard to your main issue, our manager will contact you soon.
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Manual (Manual_Wizard_v3_WR_USB_Reg_ML.pdf, 800 Kb) [Download]

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