01/16/2015How to choose a flashlight, which suites you?

It is not so easy to choose a led torch light. Taking into account the fact, there are a wide choice of led flashlights, it is seems to be difficult to take right decision. We want to share our experience with you and give several tips, which help you to choose a right flashlight.

Ask yourself the following questions to understand what flashlight you need:

  • For what purposes are you going to use a flashlight?
  • In what conditions are you going to use it?
  • Which functions do you need?
  • What type of battery?
  • Which beam should have a flashlight?
  • Which size should have a flashlight?
  • What warranty period are you interested in?

Tips for choosing a led flashlight

Light output. It is important to use a flashlight that meets all necessary requirements.

  • Light output of 10- 20 LED lumens suites for tasks, which require lighting of small areas. For example, opening a door, looking for keys in your bag.
  • 20-150 LED lumens perfectly suite for home or dog walking.
  • Led flashlight with light output of 160 – 200 LED lumens – house works, walking, camping, self-defense.
  • The main reason of using flashlight with light output of 200 – 500 LED lumens – tactical applications, hunting, rock climbing, camping and fishing.
  • 600 – 1000 LED lumens are chosen for tourism, camping, fishing, speleology or for industrial use.
  • Torches with more than 1000 LED lumens suites for all areas of application. They are certainly not intended for use around the home or in small areas. These are flashlights for search and rescue, hunting or work in large areas.
  • World's most powerful flashlights with more than 90 000 LED lumens are created for industrial use and for setting of World Records, they do not suite for personal use.

Beam distance. If you are looking for tactical or searchlight, pay attention to a beam distance. If we are talking about a lamp for every day, then the range does not play a big role.

Beam type

  • Wide flood light is used for lighting of big areas at short distances.
  • Focused light is perfectly suites for lighting of small areas at long distances.
Field of application is also important. The range of focused lights is great for search and rescue operations, firefighters and hunters. Flashlights with a scattering beam are suitable for performing daily tasks in the home, reading, car repairs and other tasks.
Types of battery. Battery type and size are important aspects when choosing a flashlight. First decide which batteries you need: rechargeable or non-rechargeable.

If you plan to use a flashlight several times a week for work or household chores, it makes sense to choose high-capacity rechargeable batteries.

For non-frequent use of the lamp, you can choose cheap non-rechargeable batteries.
  • AA / AAA batteries. They can be found at any local store. They are affordable and cheap. But remember that they have a short runtime.
  • Disposable lithium batteries (for example, CR123A) have a longer operating time and service life, but they are more expensive. This is the best option for those who use the flashlight not so often.
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are characterized by their durability and storage. The main advantage is that the battery can be recharged for many years.

Decide how often and for how long you plan to use a flashlight, and it will not be difficult for you to choose the right flashlight battery type. Size and weight. It all depends on your personal preferences. Small-sized flashlights will always be with you - in your pocket, bag or on the keys. Large lights can be placed in the glove compartment, backpack, or fasten at the waist. The size of the led torch light, most often, depends on the power sources used, the type of beam and the scope of application.

Functionality. Some lights have only one brightness mode, others - four or more. In some lamps, the modes are switched by turning the head, in others - by pressing a button. It is important to know that with different modes not only the brightness, but also the time of the flashlight changes.

In order to understand what functions are really needed, take into account how often and for what purposes you use a flashlight. For example, the Strobe is a tactical mode, and SOS is a kind of extreme mode that is used in emergency situations.

One of the latest innovations is the appearance of lanterns with preliminary control. If you are an experienced user - they are for you.

Final recommendations

Never buy cheap Led flashlights of poor quality! Give preference to a proven manufacturer, such as Armytek, and you will get everything you need, namely:

• Powerful flashlight with high performance;

• High-intensity and pure light;

• Various emergency lighting options;

• Long service life and perfect durability;

10 years of full warranty;

• Confidence, comfort and peace of mind.

Now you are ready to choose a flashlight!


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