Universal Armytek Charger Uni C2

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Plug Type A Plug Type C
  • Intelligent automatic detection of battery type, charge level and optimal current
  • Supports IMR, Li-Ion 4.2V, Li-Ion 4.35V, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd and Li-FePO4 batteries
  • Quick charge with fully independent channels and 1A current for each
  • Easy selection of battery type and charge current with one button per each channel
  • Multi-color LED indication with Night mode and useful 5 LEDs per channel
  • Over-discharged and sleeping battery activation function with safe 0.1A current
  • Saving of actual battery type to restore after electricity interruption
  • Advanced auto-detection of bad batteries, reverse polarity and primary batteries
  • Manual settings for safe current and type of battery, which is recognized as bad
  • Automatically stops the charging when completed depending on the battery
Armytek Charger Uni C2(Charger_Uni_C2_Reg_EN.pdf, 2,230 Kb)

10/14/2018, 07:21 PM
Not working anymore. Yes, I came here to ask for return, let`s see how it works.
But I would like to know if other people had this problem before buying, so...
I hope to edit this review later..
Hi Wilson. Sorry to hear about your situation, for such cases we have a warranty. Firstly, please, fill the warranty request: https://www.armytek.com/contact/warranty-request.html, or send an email to service@armytek.com in order to get your problem fixed. Our service manager will be glad to help you. Please, inform us about the replacement process on reputation@armytek.com or in our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/ArmytekOptoelectronics/
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