Bicycle lights provide sufficient lighting during cycling and bike trips. They not only lighten the road ahead but also make the rider and the bicycle detectable in the darkness. And this is greatly important if riding along high-ways where no bikeways are available. Thus bike lights make your night cycling safe and successful.
The main requirement to the bicycle light is a bright flood light. The light spot should be wide enough to lighten the way not only ahead of the bicycle but also by its sides. The light from the bicycle flashlight must cover large area offering wider vision range. The high brightness of bike light provides ideal lighting of the road or path and enables the rider to see all ridges and obstacles. Lights for bikes are also far-throwing enough to detect hindrances and hazards in time even at high speed and react properly.  For those who rides a bike both in the city and outside it, a few lights modes are required: low and middle light output for more illuminated areas and high light output for night cycling in dark areas.
A high-grade flashlight for bike must have a durable and fully reliable body, resistant to scratches and impact, as well to water penetration.  Bicycle lights must function properly regardless of bad weather conditions, vibrations, fallings to the ground and strokes. Another important requirement to a bicycle light is a firm mount so that your bicycle flashlight won’t fall from the handlebar when you brake or turn the bike abruptly.
We offer you the most advanced and innovative flashlights for bike. Armytek bicycle lights are customized with the latest and most powerful LEDs and are represented in a few versions. Armytek Gallant is an XM-L2 bike light with most required modes and high output. Armytek Forsage is the world’s first flashlight with Cree MT-G2 LED and extremely bright 2210-lumen output. Both models have versions with Cool and Warm White LEDs to provide you with an opportunity to choose most preferable kind of light.