Armytek Viking Pro v3 XP-L (White). Black.

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  • Amazing brightness 1250 LED lumens
  • Extremely far throw up to 370 meters
  • Comfortable light 5:40 for efficient hunting with shotguns
  • Constant brightness even in -25°C frost and with almost discharged batteries
  • The highest IP68 dust- and waterproof standard - more than 5 hours at 50 meters depth
  • Reliable body, red/green/blue filters and original remote switches for comfortable Hunting and secure Military application
  • Guaranteed durability — stands up the recoil of any gun gauge and falling from 30 meters height
  • Record runtime with 1x18650 Li-Ion battery in Firefly mode – 100 days

    Batteries are not included in the package.

Available from USA warehouse:

Light & Optics

LED light output:
OTF light output:
Beam distance:
Peak Beam Intensity :
33500 cd
Cree XP-L
Optics :
Smooth reflector
Stabilization of constant brightness regardless of frost and low battery voltage :
FULL (constant brightness)
5 °
40 °
Hotspot diameter at 100 meters:
Impact-resistant glass lens with sapphire and anti-reflection coating :

Dimensions & Weight

Body diameter:
Head diameter:
Weight (without batteries):

Body & Durability

Body material :
Aircraft-grade aluminium
Body anti-abrasive finish :
Premium type III hard anodizing 400HV
Premium antislipping matt surface treatment:
Body color:
Mat Black
Waterproof and dustproof standard :
IP68 (highest)
Waterproof & Submersible:
Double O-rings for best waterproof :
Operation temperature:
-25..+40 °C
Crenellated combat bezel:
Impact-resistant steel front bezel :
Impact-resistant steel tail bezel :
Bezel material:
Stainless steel with ultrahard titanium coating
Protection of electronics by compounding it in aluminum capsule :
Weapon Mountable:
Anti-shock protection for weapon using:
Impact Resistance:
Reliable spring construction for battery protection:
Removable clip of stainless steel :
Trapezoidal threads for longer lifetime:
Threads lubrication by Nyogel 760G (USA) :
Tailstanding as a candle:
Rubber tactical grip for firm holding:
Belt holster (Molle):
Strong and easily removable lanyard:

Modes & Electronics

Power source:
1x18650 Li-Ion / 2x18350 Li-Ion / 2xR123 Li-Ion / 2xCR123A
Output levels and runtimes:
1050 lm (1,3h), 750 lm (1,8h), 410 lm (3,5h), 190 lm (8,5h), 32 lm (36h), 2,5 lm (18d), 0,4 lm (100d), Strobe 1, Strobe 2
Number of modes:
Type of mode switching:
Tailcap switch
Type of clicky switch:
Tactical forward
Momentary activation for quick access:
Runtime for maximal mode:
1h 20min
Runtime for minimal mode:
100 days
Advanced heat transmission for LED with copper MPCB:
Advanced heat transmission for electronics:
Active thermal management of LED and electronics :
Special spring material for higher efficiency:
Firefly micromode with ultra-long runtime :
Auto-memorization of the last used mode:
Special signals (Strobe):
Ability to save individual user settings :
Built-in low battery indication :
Built-in high temperature indication :
Multi-color LED indication:
Indication of battery voltage :
Battery over-discharge protection circuit for unprotected batteries using :
Advanced electronic reverse polarity protection :
Light output without flickering :
Ability to use batteries with a flat contact:
Protection from accidental switch-on:
Armytek Viking Pro v3 Manual(Viking_Pro_v3_EN.pdf, 610 Kb)

02/11/2019, 09:07 PM
Great flashlight for a great price. I have several and love all of them.

04/19/2018, 05:14 PM
Well build flashlight with nice anodisation. Its easy to use with one or three modes by loosen or fasten the head. I like the warm white light colour and the beam profile, its a perfect combination with my Wizard Pro V3 WW.

11/10/2016, 07:25 PM
Amazing build quality in this Led Flashlight The beam from this light is perfect for searching or long distance lighting needs. The beam is very clean with a crisp hotspot and smooth spill. I highly recommend this light if your looking for a light that you can use for far and near applications this is it. The quality that is in the finish, lens, and button is exceptional.Very comfortable to carry and power on. Overall very trustworthy and a great quality light

11/19/2015, 06:46 AM
This is a great flashlight! I am a police officer and always carry Viking Pro with me. Extremely bright, reliable for searching, has a durable holster to carry it on the belt. I am not afraid of dropping or breaking the flashlight – the body is solid and reliable. It fits comfortably in my hand, I am very satisfied and plan to use it during my work for a long time!

07/26/2013, 06:50 AM
I've posted a full review here:
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