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Special promotion on Armytek Partner – 17% discount!

Special promotion on Armytek Partner – 17% discount!


Why do you need Armytek Partner?

Partners are compact tactical flashlights with TIR-optics. It is the best choice for applying with shotguns.


Partner C2 Pro (2100 lumens / 192 meters) and Partner C2 (1250 lumens / 174 meters) are the best combination of size and power: working on 1x18650 they compile in themselves the compact body.


If you want to get the brightest of compact weapon lights choose Partner C4 Pro (2300 lumens / 215 meters) or Partner C4 (1450 lumens / 193 meters) – with 2x18650 you get more power and brightness.

Partner C1 Pro and Partner C1 are the smallest but bright tactical lights powered by 1xCR123A battery: you get 800 lumens output & 131 meters throw with these small ones.


Partner A2 Pro and Partner A2 work on 2xAA batteries to achieve 850 lumens brightness and 143 meters beam distance.

Partner A1 Pro and Partner A1 are compact-size bright flashlights powered by very popular АА batteries. They provide 600 lumens output and 115 meters throw.

17% discount on Armytek Partner

Valid from 22 till 28 of May


* Other promo codes and discounts cannot be applied to the products under the current promotion.

Introduce Armytek to your Friends!

Introduce Armytek to your Friends! 

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Every day in the right way

Every day in the right way!




We want to create the tradition of providing great discounts each and every day. We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the reliability and high performance that Armytek flashlights are famous for. Let’s make every your day as enjoyable as possible. We can do it! We are ready to surprise and delight you despite day of the week.

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* Other promo codes and discounts cannot be applied to the products under the current promotion.

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We love our clients.It’s the main reason why we give all our registered friends a personal discount on all our flashlight models. You really deserve a true reward for loyalty to our brand.

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** Other promo codes and discounts cannot be applied to the products under the current promotion.