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I recently ordered 3 Wizard Pros and wow what a light! Unfortunately one of them was DOA, but Armytek's warranty came to the rescue! Their staff was very courteous, professional, and quickly responded to all of my concerns. They were able to get me a replacement for the DOA light without issue. Thank you Armytek, keep up the great work!
3 years ago I bought a Partner C2 Pro for my wife and a Wizard Pro for me for use in the countryside and my workshop. The Wizard is simply a great flashlight and does everything I could ask of it but it recently developed a fault, giving only half full brightness, which could not be repaired. Nothing is perfect and that’s what the warranty is for and I received the latest brand new Wizard Pro USB Magnet and accessories as a replacement under the no hassle 10 year warranty. Armytek honour that warranty and then some! I had been very impressed with my Wizard but wanted something similar but smaller that I could carry with me all the time and so bought a Tiara C1 Pro. This was ordered carriage paid and delivered by DHL. My country’s (Belarus) DHL agent then charged me another $22 to do nothing but use the mail to deliver it to me! I complained to Armytek and they refunded the full amount of the overcharge even though it wasn’t their fault. This refund and the Wizard replacement is just phenomenal customer service. Armytek is an amazing company with products that do what they say they will do and a 10 year warranty no hassle warranty that deliver’s on it’s promise. I cannot find words that do justice to how satisfied I am with Armytek and do not hesitate at all to recommend Armytek products and service to anyone in the market for a reliable high performance flashlight. You can buy with absolute confidence.
The after sales service is very good.
My flashlight was replaced without any problems. (a commercial gesture was even offered to me spontaneously)
Thank you very much for your seriousness and your kindness.
(purchase of an Armytek Wizard Pro Magnet USB V4 XHP50 2300 Lumen)
Le service après vente est très bien.
Ma lampe torche a été remplacée sans aucun problème. ( un geste commercial m'a mêm été offert spontanéement)
Je vous remercie énormément pour votre sérieux et votre amabilité.
(achat d'une lampe Armytek Wizard Pro Aimant USB V4 XHP50 2300 Lumen)
I am the proud owner of a Wizard Pro v3 lamp with warm white lighting. It works perfectly in all weathers.
The only criticism I would make of him is the following. I am left-handed and have therefore reversed the position of the lamp on the headlamp holder to be able to use the button with my left hand. The disadvantage is that in this position, the blinking of the button hinders visibility a little and sometimes distracts attention.
It would be nice to have an option with the button either positioned on the opposite side or on the back of the lamp head to avoid this inconvenience.
These are fantastic lights. I use the Wizard Pro XHP-50 warm white nearly every day as my lighting for surgery in a remote rural hospital and have introduced it to many visiting surgeons. If there was a version that allowed a more focused beam say a 30-45 degree angle, it would have a lot of interest.
between my friend and I, we own 7 of the wizard pro headlamps, both the newer 2300 lumen magnetic and the previous 1000L non magnetic. I wish to urge you to produce a featureless non magnetic tail cap to be used on the new lights to reduce the weight. I do not know anyone who uses the top strap of the headband and the magnetic tail cap pushes the light just over the weight that allows the comfortable use of the light without the very undesirable top strap which is uncomfortable.
I appreciate your consideration.
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