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About Armytek

Starting from 2007 we have taken part in more than 50 international exhibitions on different continents. Now our product line consists of 32 models and 12 kinds of original accessories which are represented already in 75 countries of the world, but in the nearest future there will be launched 21 new models of flashlights, which altogether will cover every significant sphere. Our corporation has multiple patents worldwide.

We bust myths. No more compromises. Forget everything you’ve known about flashlights before.

So what distinguishes us from other companies?

• Own factory.
• Designed especially for your needs.
• The team of scientists and engineers engaged in military and space industry.
• The best and tried-and-true components the USA and Japan.
• Particular attention to durability and technologies, not only to external design.

Our Mission is to provide people with the most reliable and technically advanced light in the world.

How was it made?

We’ve got interested in LED lighting in 2007 and just like everyone – have become its active users because of its efficiency and convenience. But European and American companies present at that time on LED market offered expensive and conservative products, being behind the world progress for years though reliable. From the other hand, Chinese manufacturers were producing beautiful and modern products at reasonable cost, but they were technologically “crude” at many aspects, as for them the outer varnish and repeat sales are much more valuable than quality and durability for years. They usually copied the look of the product using the domestic components and stated the same characteristics as in the prototype, but it was cheaper and nicer. That was a problem. We solve problems without doubts.

And the most interesting part has begun.

1. We have gathered an international group of developers from Europe.

It consists of the best scientists, engineers and designers from military, aircraft and space industry. They are working hard to create the most innovative and technically advanced flashlights in the world. It’s amazing that secret military technologies can uncompromisingly serve the humanity.
In fact only such people can find the presumptive problems in the design, optics, electronics and power supplies. Our engineers never agree to compromises and aim to refine every detail, find the best material – and they can do it due to the great experience and invariable intention to reach perfection.

2. For many years we’ve been accumulating experience and thoroughly investigated the real requirements of the end customers who wanted to obtain a quality and reliable light.

We speak about military officers and Special Forces, hunters and divers, rescuers and firemen, speleologists and bikers – all the enthusiastic and demanding people.
As the users of LED lights we are not interested in the “dry” list of unnecessary parameters which manufacturers consider meaningful. The product we need has to fit our real-world requirements and embrace the features that are valuable and unique especially for us.

3. To create reliable lighting products we completely refused to apply Chinese components from the domestic market i.e. cheap analogs of well-known brands.

We decided to implement in our products only the best LEDs and cutting-edge electronics made in Japan and the USA to obtain the revolutionary and unprecedented results.
We’ve created our first tactical flashlight “Predator” from the ground up, and it has compiled in itself a plenty of innovative solutions (in which in the beginning many people even refused to believe). Leaping ahead we may say that Chinese manufacturers haven’t even been able to replicate our technologies using cheap components so they’ve just copied its names without real implementing in the products (for instance, Firefly Technology). Meanwhile we started the hard tests of Predator in severe conditions of torrid USA deserts and frosts of north Europe.

4. In 2009 we have made a strategically right decision to open an own factory in China.

It was made to enable us to provide our customers all over the world with robust and submersible high-tech flashlights at the best prices and in the shortest time. The great characteristics of our lights are for years confirmed by the reviewers’ measurement, opinions of real users and positive feedback of Special Forces.
Nowadays our manufacture is a 6-floor building containing all the modern production facilities, high-end equipment, ultra reliable materials and special system of quality-control.

5. Our name “Armytek” wasn’t chosen accidentally. It’s the reflection of the main idea: the army requirements to the reliability of our products and the latest world technologies in use.

Here’s an amazing fact – when we use the most advanced technologies on the edge of possibilities we discover the real engineers’ art – to find the ideal solution that will give the highest possible features, valuable to each customer group.

Branches of our corporation are scattered all over the world. This is because a small group of professionals turned into a solid team of likeminded people, active and ambitious. We are totally sure in the result we reach and are really interested in the thing we do for you.

These advantages that distinguish us from our competitors enabled us to enter the new stage in the development and take a worthy place on the LED lighting market.
We successfully maintain the sale of our products made with advanced technologies. For the past few years we’ve established contacts with clients from more than 75 countries. Armytek bases the partnership upon trust and tries to satisfy the most daring requirements of its customers. Constant and continuous feedback enables us to react fast to the customers’ needs and improve our products each time overriding ourselves.

Our team is totally goal-oriented, that allows us to look forward straightly and confidently and not only to keep pace with the time, but to move ahead, setting the trend.