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Marketing and co-operation

Armytek team is looking for influencers who are ready to create quality and engaging product reviews, carry out impressive crash tests and share the results with the audience in text-based, photo, or video format. Join us and get an opportunity to be among the first who tests out the new and exclusive Armytek products.


Create engaging and informative text reviews, product images, and product videos of Armytek flashlights, chargers, or accessories. The finished material can be published on our social media resources by crediting the creator. We are open for such cooperation and are ready to provide you with the products from the Armytek range after the approval of your application.


We are ready to provide Armytek products to YouTube bloggers for the purpose of their further integration into the content. Nowadays, we are cooperating with leading bloggers from various spheres: fishing, hunting, sports, car service, repair works, etc. Join us and become a part of Armytek bloggers' team.


For administrators of website, forums and blog accounts, we are ready to offer mutually beneficial cooperation with posting our promotional articles and advertisements on your social media resources.


For community managers in the social networks we offer a co-promotion for accelerated growth on media platforms: advertising posts, links to our social media communities, joint giveaway offers.


Expert and guru assessment is highly essential for us — we are looking forward to getting yours. Send your ideas to our specialists via the form below and contribute to the development of Armytek flashlights and accessories.


We stand ready to consider the other forms of collaboration and are pleased to see your personal ideas regarding the cooperation with Armytek.

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