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I have some years with my Wizard Pro now, some time ago when flying internationally, the cristal of my flashlight broke as I saved it on the documented luggage, as I use it mainly for spelunking and water is common in this context I presented my case and the warranty come into effect and got a new flashlight that works nice just as the other did.

After some time, I have a need to acquire a 2nd flashlight and to be honest I thought about a Nitecore for some time, from the previous experience I finally decided to buy a new Armytek due to its quality and awesome customer service, in other words: Due to the experience I had with you guys/gals, thanks.

If there is something I would like to suggest is the ability to pay with other methods rather than PayPal only, other than that please keep up the good work and keeping us safe in any environment (cave like or not :D) that your products are being use, they do matter.

Greetings from Mexico!

I had problem with three predator pro , after I contact armytek ,they tell me to ship back for replacement, they send me three new tourch express shipment,
They have great service and conumecation ,highly recommended to this company
Thank you..
I currently own the armytek predator pro, viking pro and wizard pro and all I can say is they are amazing flashlights. All 3 of them are extremely bright and are perfect for specific uses. The predator pro has great range and is very focused whereas the viking pro and wizard pro have a wider beam. The firefly modes are amazing for pitch black situations where very little light is needed.
Excellents conseils à l'achat.
Lampe polyvalente et robuste (Wizard pro).
Un outil dont je ne me sépare plus dans mon travail de moniteur escalade et accompagnateur en montagne !
Last year I0previously bought my mum (a technophobe) the Armytek Wizard Pro v3 XHP50 Magnet USB (Warm).
She loves the torch and is very simple to use and the most powerful torch she has had. Having the magnetic charger made it easier than opening up and using a separate charging station like I prefer to do.
It allows her to easily go outside at her age with confidence that it will always work
When I started researching on headlamps, I came across recommendations for Petzl, Black diamond. I got them both but felt that it wasn't durable enough. I went on a hunt for the most durable and Brightest which led me to the Wizard Pro USB. I took a gamble and bought it and my was it a great decision. It was brighter and most importantly more durable that other lights. Even until today, I can bring it for a nught snorkle which I can't with my Olights and other lamps. From there I got the doberman Pro. It will be great if you guys can come up with a doberman, Viking or Predator sized torch but with a beam distance of 500m or above. That would be great. Loving my armytek lamps.
I owned Armytek lights from their beginning with the Predator V1.2. Currently own 7 Armytek lights and been through other 2. Build quality is top level as of reliability: never had a failing light. What I don't like is the beam on my last Predator V3 XP-L HI as I don't think it is correctly focused in the reflector. Other than that product I would suggest Armytek to anyone need a solid and reliable product. I use them for work, outdoor sport and mechanical work.
I purchased a Wizard Pro v3 last year for caving.
This is a situation where having the right light can literally mean life or death.
The brightness levels and flood style lighting have been perfect, from the firefly levels all the way up to turbos. The battery life has been extremely satisfactory (8+ hours underground) and build quality gives me the confidence I need to push through new challenges. It's certainly seen its fair share of hits, drops, scuffs and mud. A quick wash under the hose and it's ready for its next trip.
One thing I really like is that in a world of cavers and head lamps, this light still seems to impress most people who see it and what it an do. I'll be getting another one for certain.
I've had the Elf C1 for several years now, and without a doubt, it surpasses all my expectations! Durability, brightness, its very compact, has never failed me when ever I needed it, and Armtek has incredible service, and delivery times!
I finally found a flashlight company that takes moonlight or firefly modes seriously! Armytek gives me multiple options of low modes enabling me to do the nightly tasks without disturbing others. In the lowest mode it’s the perfect bedside nightlight allowing me to reach for my glass of water, checking my phone, grabbing my EarPods etc. as a matter of fact you get more than a month on one charge, so I never turn the light off! Five ⭐️
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