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Armytek Prime C2 Pro Magnet USB

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Compact and light flashlight for everyday carry and different situations. Magnet-USB charger will provide easier usage and will release from additional accessories for charging. Bicycle mount ABM-01 allows to keep the flashlight on a handlebar.

  • Brightness up to 2100 LED Lm.
  • Beam distance up to 192 m.
  • Up to 200 days of light with one power source.

18650 Li-Ion battery and USB charger are in the set.

Color temperature:
Cool White
Light & Optics
LED light output:
OTF light output:
Beam distance:
Optics :
Stabilization of brightness :
FULL (constant brightness)
Dimensions & Weight
Head diameter:
Body diameter:
Weight (without batteries):
Body & Durability
Body material :
Aircraft-grade aluminium
Body anti-abrasive finish :
Premium type III hard anodizing 400HV
Waterproof & Submersible:
Waterproof and dustproof standard :
IP68 (highest)
Operation temperature:
-25..+40 °C
Impact Resistance:
Modes & Electronics
Power source:
1x18650 Li-Ion
Number of modes:
Runtime for maximal mode:
Runtime for minimal mode:
200 days
Ability to use batteries with a flat contact:
Protection from accidental switch-on:

The mount is designed for reliable flashlight fixation on a bicycle handlebar. It holds the flashlight as tight as possible, which allows it to stay in place even during shaking. Reliable fixation of Wizard/Tiara/Elf flashlights. Fits flashlights with body diameter 24.5 mm. 5 years warranty

Type of mount:

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Portable charger with Powerbank function Supports IMR, Li-Ion and Ni-MH with diameter 8..19mm and length 30..70mm, for example: AA, AAA, AAAA, 10440, 14500, 16340, 18350, 18650. Quick charge with 1A current and autodetection of 0.5A current for small batteries. Micro-USB cable included. 5 years no-hassle warranty
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Red filter has a larger number of applications. Some animals can’t see red light so it’s good for nigth hunting and is good for map reading because it doesn’t disturb night vision. Flashlights with red filters are also widely used for signage.

Compatible with:

AF-24 (Prime/Partner) AF-39 (Predator/Viking)
Out of stock
My first Armytek flashlight and I'm pretty sure not the last one. Amazing helper for EDC stuff.
I'm more into flashlights than into headlamps. The operation is pretty easy and this tint is awesome.
I have warm tint lights and this one is my fave. Its super easy-operating, good price and powerful diode. Thanks, guys!
I have this flashlight in a car with me. I like USB-charger, very handy in usage. The flashlight is very powerful.
Use it on a bike, cause I like night rides! Shines super bright!
I used this light during my last ultramarathon on my head using a 3rd party strap. I used the Wizard Pro on my waist. I chose this configuration because the Wizard Pro has more flood/spill and the Prime C2 Pro has more throw. I wanted a light that had good throw on my head to illuminate what I was looking at and the light with better spill to illuminate the direction I was heading in. This light performed wonderfully! If you read my review of the Wizard Pro, you will see that as a passed another runner he said "I thought a car was coming up behind me!" and I wasn't even running the light on any of the Turbo Modes at that point. That's a testament to how bight this light is. I recommend that if you want to use this light as I did, you get the diffuser accessory.

For my daily commute to work, I bike a lot. I mounted this on the handlebars of my bike so that it can warn motorists far ahead that I am there. I use the wizard on my head under my helmet to illuminate my path. I’ve never had anyone drift over into my lane in my life, and I’m certain with the Prime C2 Pro mounted on my handlebars, the likelihood of that ever happening is even less!

There are only 2 small changes I would make to this light: (1) I think Armytek should charge a bit more and include a tail cap without magnet for those of us who rely on a compass for hiking or trail running, (2) I think Armytek should sell a head strap accessory that can accommodate this light on the top of the head in case users want to use it for that purpose. Other than those 2 small things, this is a fantastic light and I highly recommend it.
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Manual (Prime_C1_C2_Pro_v3_USB_EN.pdf, 563 Kb) [Download]

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