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Armytek Prime C2 Pro XHP35

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10 years no-hassle warranty for flashlight 10 years no-hassle warranty for flashlight

100% Quality guaranteed! 100% Quality guaranteed!

30 days moneyback 30 days moneyback

Canadian manufacturer and own factory Canadian manufacturer and own factory

  • Superb light of amazing constant brightness due to powerful electronics and active temperature control without timers
  • Efficient TIR-optics and no “tunnel vision” effect even after continuous use
  • Warning Indication of low battery level and high temperature
  • Side switch for comfortable one-hand operation and easy modes switching
  • Ultra low current drain in OFF-state - more than 25 years
  • Removable clip, comfortable holster and possibility of tail-stand for multipurpose use
  • Compact and light-weight flashlight of guaranteed durability stands up harsh impacts and falling from 10 meters
  • Total protection from water, dirt and dust penetration - flashlight continues to work even at the depth of 10 meters

Batteries are not included in the package.

*The engraving on the flashlight may differ from the engraving on the image depending on the flashlight version.

Light & Optics
Color temperature:
Optics :
Light output, lumens:
1700 lm
Beam distance, meters:
192 m
Number of modes:
Runtime in maximum mode:
Strobe Mode:
Dimensions & Weight
Head diameter:
24.5 mm
Body diameter:
24.5 mm
Weight (without battery):
68 g
Material :
Aircraft-grade aluminum
Anti-abrasive finish :
Premium type III hard anodizing 400HV
Safe submersion depth:
10 m
Safe fallings height:
10 m
Operating temperatures:
-25..+40 °C
Ability to use batteries with PCB:
Ability to use batteries without PCB:
Protection from accidental switch-on:
Color battery state indication:
Indication of low battery level:


The mount is designed for reliable flashlight fixation on a bicycle handlebar. It holds the flashlight as tight as possible, which allows it to stay in place even during shaking.

  • Reliable fixation of Wizard/Tiara/Elf flashlights.
  • Fits flashlights with body diameter 24.5 mm.
  • 5 years warranty

Type of mount:

In stock

Green filters are used mostly in hunting and tactics. Green light doesn't frighten animals and its beam can't be seen from aside so it makes impossible to disclose your location.

Compatible with:

AF-24 (Prime/Partner) AF-39 (Predator/Viking)
In stock

Blue Filter for Armytek Prime and Partner. Is the best for navigating and reading because you can better distinguish lines and marks in blue light. Can be used with night vision equipment.

Compatible with:

AF-24 (Prime/Partner) AF-39 (Predator/Viking)
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18650 Li-Ion batteries are generally used in professional high-grade flashlights as they offer maximal capacity for most energy-consuming products.


2800 mAh 3200 mAh 3500 mAh
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Portable charger with Powerbank function

  • Supports IMR / Li-Ion, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd with diameter 8..19mm and length 30..70mm, for example: AA, AAA, AAAA, 10440, 14500, 16340, 18350, 18650, 18700.
  • Quick charge with 1A current and autodetection of 0.5A current for small batteries.
  • Micro-USB cable included.
  • 5 years no-hassle warranty
In stock

A silicon dielectric grease for lubrication and protection of electrical contacts and connections. Good water resistance. NyoGel 760G is suitable to use with flashlight threads, diving equipment, car locks etc.


5 ml 10 ml 25 ml
In stock
It's awesome small light, solid power, nice light color and beam, great size, nice to hand. A lot of modes, user interface is little bit complicated but that is better with experience. Flashlights without charging is pointless in these days and this one has it, so another plus. I have only two small negatives, the rubberized surface is easy to scratch and steel clip from package suck so I printed my own on 3d printer and all is good now.
My ranking 97% (one of 3 best flashlights on market 2019)
This light is nearly perfect. Tough, small, powerful and versatile. Good balance between flood and through - good peripheral spill for edge awareness. One handed operation makes it superior to others that may be brighter but less efficient. Turbo mode is very bright and easily selected.
A short unit that puts a great deal of usefulness in the pocket.
I got the warm version which has good color rendition and is easy on the eyes...
Very Impressed!!! This is the first of many Armytek lights I own. I was very very impressed with this light! The quality, durability, finish, lens, power button exceeded my expectations. Then I powered the light on Oh my gosh I was so surprised! The beam is very very bright clean white with mild hotspot with lots of spill. This light lights up the warehouse with the lights on. With the quality that this light was built with im very confident in using in the harshest conditions. The size is perfect for everyday carry which is what I will be using it for. The modes take a little getting used to but I have them memorized now and can cycle thru functions easily in the dark. Its great piece of mind knowing im carrying 2100 lumen (1700 OTF) in my pocket that I can use in different modes from looking between couch cushions for the remote control or switching modes to look at whitetail deer in a field 150+ yards away. Its an overall perfect light for my EDC due to the quality and versatility with the different modes. I have many flashlights my wife says too many but I have lights from some of the big name brands im not afraid to mention streamlight, surefire, Maglite etc. I had favorites in each brands but after owning an Armytek all I can say is these companies amongst others have lost a customer and they are going to be left in the dark if they cannot step up to producing quality lights like Armytek. None of them are even close in build quality or functions, runtime, size, versatility. I stumbled upon Armytek from a social media site a friend mentioned I shuld check them out im so glad I did. Im in the U.S and haven't heard of armytek. I must mention customer service too! I had one of the greatest customer service experiences with Armytek during the ordering process I had many questions and the Rep "Elena" was very patient and courteous to answer all questions I had she was very knowledgable about Armytek products and the promotions that were being used. Overall very pleasant transaction and shipping was superfast! placed order 1 day and got the lights 1.5 day later superfast. My final words in this lengthy review, I will always be a Armytek customer I look forward to many more purchases on new up and coming products. I highly recommend the prime pro c2 v3 great light you cannot go wrong with. Thank you Armytek!
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Manual (Prime_Pro_v3_EN.pdf, 627 Kb) [Download]

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