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Armytek Wizard C2 WG Magnet USB

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Multi flashlight with white and green light — even more features for everyday and professional use

Four LEDs, two light colors, one flashlight. Wizard C2 WG is a multifunctional main or additional light source for any kind of activity.

Thanks to the additional green output, the model is optimal for maintaining night vision when interchanging between turning the light on and off: in a camping tent, for reading maps when navigating the terrain, during the preparation of fishing gear or when organizing an ambush on a hunt, as well as in professional use.

Just like the red one, green output is efficient during fog and in other conditions of limited visibility, and is comfortable for long-term application. However, green light has an important advantage: it provides greater clarity of lines and more detailed display of objects, allows distinguishing colors. It is almost invisible from the side, and is also not perceived as a threat by animals and birds, which is especially useful when observing wildlife or hunting. The use of Wizard C2 WG in green light modes does not attract annoying insects.

The flashlight has several installation options. Powerful magnet in the tailcap allows attaching the flashlight to any metal surface. Comfortable headmount and steel clip to fix to clothes or backpack are included in the set. Wizard C2 WG is also compatible with optional bicycle mount ABM-01, as well as with AHM-02 helmet mount.



  • Simple one-hand operation, reliable headmount
  • Solid body without long wires, weak rubber connectors and unnecessary boxes
  • The flashlight is easily installed, removed and 180° rotatable in the mount
  • Quick-release silicone ring provides additional fixation


  • Compact design
  • Convenient side button
  • Special matt anti-abrasive finish without rough knurling
  • Strong built-in tail magnet and robust removable steel clip


  • Body made from durable and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Improved shock resistance, constant light without flickering
  • Multiple variants of installation, optional accessories for mounting on sporting gear

Advantages of the multi flashlight with additional green light

4 LEDs: amazing beam of green light up to 400 lumens and warm light up to 1020 lumens thanks to 2 LEDs for each color.

Green light is almost invisible for animals, fish and insects, comfortable for night vision.

5 brightness modes for each color, easy operation with one button and double click for switching between white and green light.


New optical system and TIR-lens: transmits more lumens, provides greater beam distance with comfortable wide spill.

Maximum LED efficiency: impressive for a model with two types of light brightness of 1020 lumens for warm light and 400 lumens for green light.

Deliberate head design: new design for better heat dissipation.

Large side button: soft and comfortable pressing.

Simple operation with one button: double click to switch between white and green light, pressing and holding to cycle through the modes of the chosen light color.

Stylish body: matt anodizing, laconic style, corporate branding.

Fast magnetic charger: included 18650 Li-Ion 3200 mAh battery is charged in 3 h 20 min.

Well-thought-out set of accessories


Comfortable headmount with two soft elastic bands, lightweight holder made from composite material and silicone ring for additional fixation. The bands securely hold the flashlight, do not rub the skin and leave no marks. The flashlight is installed in one motion, the size of the mount is adjustable.


Powerful built-in magnet in the tailcap is for attachment to any metal surface.


Powerful built-in magnet in the tailcap is for attachment to any metal surface.


  • Convenient wide beam of fully upgraded optical system, steel bezel and tempered glass with anti-reflective coating for protection of the TIR-lens.
  • Innovative technology allows using any standard 18650 Li-Ion battery. Full protection against short circuit even in case of contact between magnetic connector and metal objects.
  • Active real-time temperature control to prevent overheating above +58 °C and warning indication of low battery level.
  • Total protection from water, dirt and dust in accordance with IP68 standard — flashlight continues to work even after submersion at 10 meters depth. Withstands fallings from up to 10 meters.
  • Robust and water resistant magnetic connector.
  • No hassle warranty 10 years.

18650 Li-Ion battery (3200 mAh) is included in the set.

Light & Optics
Color temperature:
Optics :
Light output (green light), lumens:
400 lm
Beam distance, meters:
98 m
Beam distance (green light), meters:
63 m
Brightness stabilization type :
Full (constant light)
Number of modes:
5 white light + 5 green light
Runtime in maximum mode:
2 h 30 min (520 lm after 90 sec)
Runtime in maximum mode (green light):
2 h 20 min (270 lm after 6 min)
Runtime in minimum mode:
65 d
Runtime in minimum mode (green light):
50 d
Strobe Mode:
Dimensions & Weight
Head diameter:
33 mm
Body diameter:
20.4 mm
112 mm
Weight (without battery):
65 g
Material :
Aircraft-grade aluminium
Anti-abrasive finish :
Premium type III hard anodizing 400HV
Waterproof and dustproof standard :
Safe submersion depth:
10 m
Safe fallings height:
10 m
Operating temperatures:
-25..+40 °C
Battery compatibility:
1x18650 Li-Ion
Ability to use batteries with PCB:
Ability to use batteries without PCB:
Protection from accidental switch-on:
Color battery state indication:
Indication of low battery level:

The mount is designed for reliable flashlight fixation on a bicycle handlebar. It holds the flashlight as tight as possible, which allows it to stay in place even during shaking.

  • Reliable fixation of Wizard/Tiara/Elf flashlights.
  • Fits flashlights with body diameter 24.5 mm.
  • 2 years warranty

Type of mount:

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The mount reliably fixes a flashlight on a visor of a hard hat. Durable material is not afraid of rain, frost and fall on the pavement.

  • Reliable fixation of Wizard/Tiara/Elf flashlights.
  • Mount for construction helmet.
  • 2 years warranty.

Type of mount:

AHM-01 AHM-02
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A polyalphaolefin-based grease for the lubrication of a flashlight's threads and sealing rings. Frost, thermo, moisture resistant, does not dry out and is impermeable to water.


5 ml 10 ml 25 ml 50 ml
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A polyalphaolefin-based grease for the lubrication of a flashlight's threads and sealing rings. Frost, thermo, moisture resistant, does not dry out and is impermeable to water.


5 ml 10 ml 25 ml 50 ml
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